Sonoran Mini Skein for Toes and Heel Set Approx. 700 yards

Sonoran is the new Desert Vista Dyeworks Logo Colorway for 2018. It was created to reflect the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, the home of Desert Vista Dyeworks

These seven mini skeins represent each color in the Sonoran Colorway.

Desert Sand/ Prickly Pear Green/Coral Aloe/Agave Green/Red Yucca/Ocotilo Green/Beaver Tail Cactus Pink

Desert Vista Dyeworks yarn is dyed in a smoke-free, dog-friendly home with professional grade aide dyes. This yarn is well rinsed but it may bleed lightly upon the first wash. Dye is colorfast and the colors won't fade.

Color accuracy varies with different technology used to view this page. We try to provide the most accurate representation of the colors.

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