Limited Edition Desert Vista Dyeworks Halloween Movie Bingo Yarn Kit Approx. 875 Yards

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When these are gone - they are gone!!!!!

What do...

Movies, Mini Skeins, Monster Socks and Bingo

Have in Common?

A fun way to knit along with the movies of the Trick or Treat Season!

***Limited Edition Desert Vista Dyeworks Halloween Movie Bingo Yarn Kit***

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The Desert Vista Dyeworks Halloween Movie Bingo Kit includes:

Two different speckled skeins (100 yards each) for Toes and Heels

One tonal Mini Skein (45 yards) for Free Space

Fifteendifferent Three Stripe Mini Skeins (45 yards) Mini Skeins to knit with the corresponding action in the movie. 

Progress Keeper 

Needle Cosy 

A Halloween Movie Bingo Card 

Fun Halloweenr Goodies

A list of Halloween Movies to watch

Every kit will have the same colorways but every kit will have a different Bingo Card!

Since everyone will be watching different movies and knitting the colorways in different order - everyone will have different Halloween Movie Monster Socks.

With 875 yards of yarn in this kit your imagination is the only limitation of the projects you create!

All Desert Vista Dyeworks yarn are hand-dyed as they are order, so your yarn you receive has been dyed specifically for you. 

Desert Vista Dyeworks yarn is dyed in a smoke-free, dognap cat friendly home with professional-grade acid dyes. This yarn is well rinsed but it may bleed lightly upon the first wash. Dye is colorfast and the colors won't fade.

Color accuracy varies with different technology used to view this page. We try to provide the most accurate representation of the colors.